Friday, March 9, 2012

Great Day Everyday by Max Lucado

I was happy to read this book, as i am with ALL Lucado books; and once again, it was time well spent. My mind just stucks Lucado up like a straw.
This book is easy and fast to read; serious but not written in a way that stalls out or makes the reader pause for too long - a book written for the average Joe; the working reader who wants a good read but doesnt have 2 weeks to devote to one!
The focus of this book, to me, was for us to see every day as a gift and as an opportunity to serve. For us not tosee today as the last day we might have but to see it as the potential best day for us to serve God. By looking at everything that happens as coming from God, Lucado suggests we will better handle whatever comes our way. I think he means the average day, with traffic tickets and such, that is what I think he means.
The book is divided into 3 sectiions, basically challenging us to accept, and fill out minds and our days with looking for ways to praise God.
I have never not enjoyed a Lucado book. This one is no exception. A Gentle Thunder, is still his best book but this one, is great!

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